Mourinho, um caso de ciência política!

Um professor de ciência política em Cambridge, David Runciman, faz a recensão crítica de um livro sobre José Mourinho que foi escrito por Patrick Barclay e se chama «Mourinho: Anatomy of a Winner». Vem tudo aqui no «London Review of Books». Interessante é esta parte [que nos permitimos citar no original]: «Last summer he [Mourinho] visited Israel, and gave an address to a joint conference of Israeli and Palestinian coaches in Tel Aviv. He told his audience: ‘When I have retired, when, in 13 more years I have finished with football, I can see myself 100 per cent involved in human actions. I have always thought about problems in the Middle East and Africa, not just about football.’ Barclay suggests a role perhaps at the United Nations, since Mourinho ‘has, after all, proved he can unite dressing-rooms’». Inesperado, talvez, surpreendente, sempre.